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Into to Balancing the Body Electric

June 29 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Join Marcie as we dive into the fascinating world of chakras, the body’s energy centers and how they affect overall well-being!

Explore the nine main chakras – their origins, history and their meanings, from the grounding root chakra to the enlightening crown chakra.
Learn how each chakra influences different aspects of your life and find out how to identify blocked or imbalanced chakras that could be holding you back.
It will be an interactive workshop to investigate and explore the areas in life that are in need of attention through the map of the 9 chakra system as we begin to explore, examine, evaluate and identify the values, beliefs, patterns and actions to promote harmonic alignment and a balanced well-being.
Learn about the role of chakras in holistic health and integrating chakra wisdom into daily life with practical tips to maintain chakra balance, recognizing signs of imbalance and addressing them, nurturing chakras with mindfulness, diet, and lifestyle, and cultivating self-awareness & inner harmony.

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